"When my grandfather, Vincenzo Barresi, founded our company, he had a very simple idea: to make the finest food possible - nothing less. There'd be no compromising of quality in the nature of efficiency; there'd be no short cuts; there'd be no ingredients that were 'almost as good'. And if it cost us more to produce food of this caliber, so be it. The world has changed since then. Restaurants have learned that people will accept less. So, they are content to offer less. But we have not changed."

Fantastic Pizzas

Come taste our pizzas that have been the talk of the town since 1990.

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Wine Selection

We are known for our vast selection of supurb wines, view our wine list to see for yourself!

Wine List

Great Salads

Click below to view our large selection of fantastic salads and other tasty starters that will have your taste buds jumping for joy!

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